Timeless Backup and Sync

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  • Quick setup
    • Setup a backup of common files with a few simple clicks.
  • Continuous monitoring
    • Monitor your files in real-time to keep you protected.
  • Versioning
    • Maintain a file history to go back in time.
  • Schedule
    • Schedule backup tasks with a convenient task scheduler.


  • Copy files
    • Ensure two folders or computers have the same files.
  • Duplicate changes
    • Recreate file changes on one computer on another.
  • Conflict management
    • Deal with file changes in two locations with easily configured actions.

Timeline Restore

  • Timeline
    • Browse a timeline of your file changes to go easily back in time.
  • File versioning
    • Keep versions of old files to recover from lost or corrupted files.

Quick Setup

  • Wizard
    • A step by step wizard guides you through the task of setting up a task.
  • Common folders
    • Quickly select from common file locations such as My Documents.
  • Advanced options
    • Advanced users have further access to file filters, conflict resolution and more.

Any Destination

  • Local
    • Backup files to a local drive or folder.
  • Network
    • Connect to a network computer to sync your files.
  • FTP
    • Store your files on a remote FTP server.
  • SFTP
    • Keep a secure backup of your files on a SFTP server.
  • Removable
    • On the move, keep your files stored on a removable device.


  • Real-time
    • Backup and sync files in real-time so you are always protected.
  • Daily
    • Configure daily backups at regular intervals or specific times.
  • Weekly
    • Configure regular weekly backups at a time that's convenient for you.
  • Monthly
    • Backup and sync on specific days or times in the month.