Installed Program Finder

Simplifying Software Management

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Identify Installed Programs

  • Software listing
    • Quickly obtain a list of software installed on your machine.
  • Software version
    • Review application versions, simplifying application management.
  • Installation path
    • Review where on your machine software is installed.
  • Installation date
    • See when you installed software.

Save Listing

  • Save to file
    • Keep a record of your installed software as a web page.
  • Print
    • Print software listings to keep a permanent copy.

Software Management

  • Restore software
    • Use the software listing to quickly recover from system failure.
  • New build
    • Set up your new machine with your old software using the software listing.

Windows Updates

  • Updates
    • View installed Windows updates.
  • Security updates
    • View installed security updates.
  • Hotfix
    • View hotfixes applied to your system.