Date Reminder

Never forget again

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  • Yearly events
    • Easily configure notifications for yearly events such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Monthly events
    • Receive notifications of events occurring on a monthly basis.
  • Weekly events
    • Quick check box selection for events occurring on the same day each week.
  • One off events
    • Receive reminders for trips and other events that occur just once.
  • Facebook events
    • Receive notifications of upcoming Facebook events.

Easy Setup

  • Simple event creation
    • Use the built in form to quickly add common event types.
  • Edit events
    • Edit existing events with a few simple clicks.
  • Automatic reminders
    • Once setup there is no more work, Date Reminder will automatically notify you of upcoming events.

Find Events

  • Quick sort
    • Sort your events by date, name or time till it occurs.
  • Event checker
    • Quickly check for upcoming events with one mouse click.
  • Automatic reminders
    • Receive notifications automatically of upcoming events each time you login to your computer.

Facebook Integration

  • Friend's birthdays
    • Import your friend's birthdays directly from Facebook.
  • Facebook events
    • Import details of Facebook events you are attending.


  • Notification method
    • Chose how you want Date Reminder to notify you of upcoming events.
  • Prompt period
    • Set how far in advance you want to be reminder of each event.
  • Postpone reminders
    • Easily postpone reminders until closer to the event.