Code Snippet

Quick Reference Code

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Organise Code

  • Language
    • Sort code fragments by development language to quickly locate appropriate snippets.
  • Category
    • Organise code fragments into categories for easier reference.
  • Synopsis
    • Write a short synopsis to explain code fragments.

Time Saving

  • Quick reference
    • Quickly review code fragments of common tasks.
  • Organise code
    • Easily organise your code snippets for reduce search times.
  • Single location
    • Store your snippets in a single location for easy reference.


  • Languages
    • Store code snippets for any language you use.
  • Category
    • Create multiple categories to improve organisation.


  • Font
    • Customise the font for a more pleasant coding experience.

Code Backup

  • Backup
    • Keep a backup of code fragments so you don't lose your solutions.